Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly the Homeopathic Hospital) in London England where Marea studied with the Centre for Homeopathic Education

Marea Kavanagh received a Bachelor of Science in Homeopathy and a License to Practice Homeopathy through Middlesex University and the Centre for Homeopathic Education based at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in London, UK.  She practices an integrated approach combining both classical and practical homeopathy. 

​She is a Registered (and insured) member of both the UK and US Society of Homeopaths and fully complies with their Codes of Ethics. 

In addition to her formal training, as a mother of two children (including a son with developmental disabilities), Marea has been using homeopathy for over 15 years and is always happy to share her personal experiences with you.  Her professional skills and training are enhanced by her passion and instincts for homeopathy which have developed over many years.

While Marea works with clients with a broad range of issues, she has a particular and personal interest in Women's health issues and the health of children with Learning, Behavioral, Intellectual and/or Developmental disabilities (and their families).  She understands that the challenges and stresses that 'special families' face are unique and often extraordinary.  She'd be happy to talk with you about how homeopathy could help you and/or your family.

In her professional training, Marea completed over 500 lecture hours (including anatomy and physiology) and over 210 clinic observation hours and is qualified in both classical and practical homeopathy.  She continues to update her professional training on a regular basis and considers herself a 'lifelong student of homeopathy'.

Marea is a also certified CEASE Therapist.  CEASE Therapy is based on the research of Dr. Tinus Smits in the Netherlands and is a unique and holistic homeopathic approach to working with children and people with Autism to help open the door to well-being.  For more information on CEASE therapy, see here

If you are looking for an alternative approach to improving your health and/or the health of your family, Marea would welcome the chance to work with you.

About Marea Kavanagh

Marea Kavanagh 

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